Friday, December 4, 2015

Are the Blue Jays now Cleveland Indians North ?

Two major pieces of the Cleveland Indians front office are now in the Toronto Blue Jays front office...Mark Shapiro and now Ross Atkins.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing ?

Are we going to start seeing more Cleveland front office moving to Toronto ?

Are going to start to see Cleveland Indians available players moving to Toronto ?

Does this new front office understand the Canadian baseball market ? they care ?

Let's look at some pro's and con's


  • Bigger market
    • No doubt having an entire country as your market is better then Cleveland
  • Front office familiarity
    • It's always good to have staff that already have a good working history
  • Coaching staff remains
  • Cleveland can be a successful trading partner
  • Fresh ideas

  • Bigger market
    • Can the new front office cope with the market scope that they now have to consider
  • Cleveland might not want to deal with Toronto
  • Bad time to change team philosophies
  • No David Price (maybe unfair to blame new front office) 

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