Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Can Marco Estrada repeat for Blue Jays ?

In baseball, a player gets paid based on his past performance, not his future.

In Estrada's case, timing was definitely in his favor. Marco Estrada extended the Toronto Blue Jays season twice during the post-season.

The very definition of clutch !

So, the big question is, can he repeat or was this a one-season anomaly ? 

The Blue Jays began by offering Marco a qualifying offer of 15.8 million and approached him before he declined it with a 2 year 26 million contract.

Hopefully, he won't go out there and put undue pressure on himself thinking that he has to justify the contract.

Of course the Jays have a reasonable expectation that he will repeat, but, that said, remember that he was on the world stage, something that is bitter sweet in the baseball world.

He won't be surprising any teams in 2016

Time will tell.

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