Thursday, December 3, 2015

What do the Jays need in their bullpen ?

The Jays need to upgrade their bullpen.

It became quickly evident when Cliff Pennington pitched an inning of relief in the post-season. 

Middle and long relief for sure...but here's another idea.

Move Aaron Sanchez into the rotation, move Roberto Osuna into the setup spot and go out and get a closer.

Some ideas..

Aroldis Chapman is being shopped around, although he would be a free-agent next off-season. He's relatively young (27) with 33 saves and 116 strikeouts over 66.1 innings.

Brad Boxberger would be a good fit. He's also 27 with 41 saves and 57 strikeouts over 49.2 innings. He won't become a free agent until 2020.

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