Saturday, January 9, 2016

Can the Jays afford losing Revere ?

Let's look at this trade.

The Jays lost a very effective lead-off left handed batter with speed. The question is, do the they have someone who can fill this role with the current roster ? 

Michael Saunders seems like the go to guy. When healthy, he has the speed to play left field and can steal bases.....when healthy. The big question is...will he be ?

Or, is Toronto still looking for a lead-off hitter. Alex Gordon would have been perfect...just saying...but the Royals grabbed him back.

What about the other side of this trade, Drew Storen. He's a right-hander and was closing for the Nats before Papelbon was brought on board. Storen has amassed a record of 95 saves and posted a 3.02 ERA over 334 innings since 2010 with Washington. Pretty good numbers, I must say. He won't likely become the Jays closer unless Roberto Osuna loses his edge but will likely become the late inning go to guy.

This might open up Aaron Sanchez for the rotation.

Please let me know if you agree or not...

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  1. Yepp. I don't think Saunders will be good enough though. Revere's way better... and now we have a huge hole at leadoff. Saunders can't leadoff anymore-- I would be pleasantly surprised if he can play at all. I don't like the deal. The Jays don't need an 8th or 9th inning guy-- they have those