Thursday, January 14, 2016

"The 7th Inning"

The Toronto Blue Jays put together an incredible 2015 season.

Anyone who is a Jays fan or for that matter a Texas Rangers fan knows where they were when the infamous 7th inning exploded into baseball history.

I just finished re-watching a recording of game 5 of the ALDS and I still get fired up about the events that occurred during that game.

I started thinking about the 2016 season and became extremely excited about what this Jays team will accomplish.

The phrase "unfinished business" definitely comes to mind.

Forgive me if I make some assumptions, but this close-knit team...most who are returning...have been to the post season for the first time now and have a new level of confidence that make them the team to beat this coming season.

Good luck 2016 Toronto Blue Jays..although with your talent, confidence and camaraderie, I believe success is inevitable !

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